Tuesday, November 4, 2008


ok, this is a bit refined version of probability sequencer, instead of importing samples into max/msp i made it to send MIDI notes to ableton via MIDI-OX/yoke, because Rewire acts kinda strange with this.
added two additional channels and each of those have their own velocity, i could have made velocity sequencer, but i decided against it.
the next step would be to make universal bpm control.

Saturday, November 1, 2008

probability based rhythm generator

this max/msp patch is a probability based rhythm generating sequencer blah blah....
it wasn't hard.

it is four channeled, but i think on expanding it for more complex rhythms.
each channel has it's own probability sequencer, the higher the value of slider, it has more chance to be played at that moment.
the patch has other controls, such as whether it will treat sounds as 8ths, 16ths or 32ths of the bar.
next time i may midi-fy it for connection with ableton